2014 at the Most!

‘Beginning with an end in mind’ is this month’s Covey Habit, but how can we begin with an end in mind? Well here’s a start; how about starting 2014 with an end in mind?!? Here are 3 ways to make the most of the new year; it could be the start of something new!

  1. Make a bucket list for 2014! Make it bright and bold and stick it up in the part of the room where you look the most (so you never forget about it). Everyday try to do something from your bucket list, maybe make 365 goals; to make one for everyday of the year.

  1. A compliment jar! Chose any empty cup holder, jar, bucket etc that you no longer need. Now whenever you hear a compliment that someone said to you which made your personal bank account gain more, write it and add it to the compliment jar! Whenever you feel sad, read a few compliments from the jar and you will feel happy in no time! This will help you have a positive attitude, even when achieving your goals!

  1. Scrap book for 2014! Have a specific goal such as: run a mile in 7 minutes, and when you achieve it, take a picture of you achieving the goal! In the end of the year you will have completed many goals and you will have a little scrapbook to remember all the goals

  2. What are your plans for 2014?! Try at least one of these and I guarantee 2014 will be a better year for you then!!                               

By: Aleeza 72

Attention French experts!

Answer these questions about this notice to have your name in next month’s Voice.

1. Who is organizing this event?

2. What will be on sale?

3. To whom does the article say to give something?

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La Vente De Pâtisseries

Saviez-vous que Les Petits Enseignants organisent une vente de pâtisseries ici à RTMS?

C'est vrai! Le 11 décembre lors Thompson Tunes, il y aura beaucoup de friandises délicieuses pour vous d'acheter. Il y aura des brownies, gâteaux, biscuits, gâteaux et bien plus encore. Cet événement est avant la pause hivernale, un Noël de sorte que vous pouvez donner ce que vous achetez à quelqu'un comme cadeau vacances. Peut-être qu'ils en feront autant pour vous.

Alors n'oubliez pas d'apporter vos RTMS de l'argent, de sorte que vous pouvez acheter l'une de ces délicieuses friandises pour vous-mêmes ou vos amis. Commencez à économiser!


On November 13, 76 students, all Grade 6 went on an overnight field trip. We went to Mansfield. Mansfield is a beautiful place. Everything there was nature, no electronics just fresh air.

At Mansfield we slept in cabins. The cabins were spilt into 2, boys and girls. Unfortunately the boys got the bigger cabins then the girl. In the cabins there was a bunk bed and 3 single beds. The cabins were small, cute and homey.

And don’t get me started on the food. It was amazing. I loved it. There was spaghetti, homemade pizza, pancakes, grilled cheese sandwich. Also everything is homemade. Nothing is bought and given to us, again everything is homemade,

Mansfield is alway in 88.6 km away or 1 hour and 11 minutes.

This is a amazing trip. There were also activity. They’re: hiking, nature walk, orienteering, survival. I love the activity. Also many people got to meet new people there. I loved it there. I didn’t want to leave but I did because I wanted to see my family.

Many people loved this event. Everybody got to know how to live with out devices and it you get lost in the woods, they know what to do.

The Amazing Movie: Mr. Popper's Penguins

So today I’m going to review the movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins. It is a really amazing, confusing but loving movie.

This movie is about a man named Tom Popper whose dad is a sailer. His dad gave him a souvenir which was 6 penguins. Mr. Popper’s Penguins is about how Tom Popper, an emotionless man with no feelings, turned to a man that has strong feeling about things. And in the ending, he... well you have to watch the movie and see!

This movie has a story plot that I have never seen in my life.

Positive points:

  • This movie is touching to your heart

  • You won’t have a feeling to leave this movie in the middle

  • It’s funny  

Negative points:



I really recommend RTMS to watch this movie, it’s definitely one of my favourite movies!

Having a mental illness can change your perspective of the world and alter your feelings. This poem tries to put the reader in the shoes of a mental illness victim.

What Do You Do.

 What do you do when so many people hate you and treat you like your dumb .What do you do something is messes with your mind and no one can help, when everyone depends on you to make everything right. What do you do when nobody listens to you. What do you do when there's no one to hold on too. What do you do when you feel there's no room for you in the world.what do you do when you think they don't love you the same. If you can, please answer me that.

The moral of this poem is that we need to make sure we are always thinking about how people may feel and step into their shoes. Stay kind RTMS!

Summer Fun

By: Reem 68

Hi! This is a summer based poem filled with fun!


The sun was high up in the sky

It was too hot what could we buy?

Water or chips?

Fame or glitz?

I'll give you a clue

Icecream will do!!

This poem may inspire people to always be happy,do and eat the things they love whenever they have a chance!Showing that anyone could be happy whenever they want!!

The Sailors Anchor

By Reem 68

So I know everyone wishes of a nice warm tropical place during the winter. I have a poem that I  wrote for you and I hope you enjoy it!

The waves gushed into the shore and

waved it’s hands in the crowd of rocks.

The whiteness of the shore’s egg-white’s

texture blended through the background

as if it was a chameleon vanishing from

it’s prey on a hot summer’s evening while

the sun was a beach ball crystallized

in the hot summer sky.

Winter Wonderland

Are you ready to make snowmen, slide on the ice and build forts? Well your luck is just around the corner!

Get ready for the Winter Wonderland, it’s coming up in December! Make sure you bring all of your winter clothing like mittens, gloves, jackets, snow boots, snow pants, scarves and ear muffs (or hats). Winter is one cold season, but the good part is that Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve and Kwanzaa is just around the corner! Make sure you build snowmen and forts at home so you can enjoy winter while it lasts! And the best thing, here it comes… It’s hot chocolate with a big crunchy homemade chocolate chip cookie! Yummy!!

So be excited and ready for WINTER WONDERLAND!