Dear Abby

   Hi Guys!!! This is Dear Abby online!!!!! This is not for you to post your questions ( we have a survey for that ) but these are the answers to our questions. Feel free to add any comments, concerns or questions. Also. add your input to Dear Abby!! Do you have any other names for Dear Abby. ( For example, we once did Dear Chloe and Zoey) If so, add to the comments section. Note: The same person will be answering you questions, we are just changing their fake name)

The Abby -December      

Hi guys!! It’s Dear Abby!! Dear Abby is basically just an advice column for the comfort of the students at RTMS. It is a chance to share your troubles that others can relate to.  You receive helpful advice from experts who are here to help you and they know what you’re going through. We can assure you that your identity is kept confidential. Only two or three questions are shown every month, so if you didn’t get your question answered, they will be answered eventually.

How deal with sisters?

Well, to start with, sisters are there to help you and at the end, they are the ones that will actually help you. But, dealing with them is important to develop the trust and bond siblings need. The first things you need to do is tell them how you feel. Now, I know that this is a little cheesy, but trust me it really helps. You don’t have to make it serious and all, but maybe when you guys are having a good time or having a laugh, you can be like “hahaha you know I think we finally have something in common, we are actually laughing together rather than laughing at each other. You know I actually like it this way”. This will help you send the message in a very casual way.  Try and find something in common between you two that you can do together like watching a movie or playing games. Now after this, you can start acting a little more supportive towards you sister maybe by helping her with chores or homework or listening. Act like you're her friend.  And soon, you’ll get into the habit of being friends with her. Just remember to give it time. A month or so will be enough. I hope you guys can really bond through this.